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Wine Tourism Guides

Practical and sincere guides that contain real tourism plans for travelers who enjoy wine.

What information do the guides contain?

  • Introduction to the Wine Region

A brief description of the main characteristics of the wine region.

  • What wineries to visit and the recommended wines in each winery with their tasting notes.

Suggestions of wineries that I enjoyed visiting because of their wines, their wine tourism plans and the people I met in them.

  • Accommodation

Recommended, reliable and comfortable places to stay.

  • Places to eat and drink

Suggestions of restaurants, bars, cafes and markets to know the gastronomy and local drinks.

  • Which means of transport to use

My recommendations to optimize the means of transport depending on the place.

  • What to do and see in the region

Activities to do in order to enjoy and know the place.

  • Suggested Itinerary for two and three days

A detailed itinerary to plan your trip and organize your times in the most efficient way.

  • Useful data

Information you may need during your trip.

  • Books, movies, blogs, websites, etc.

Everything you need to start living the trip during planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes these guides different?

These guides are the result of my trips to the wine regions of the world. All of the recommendations I make here are based on my personal experience. In addition, an original thing is that you can access to the information you need about a particular wine region.

How are the Wine Tourism Guides different from the articles published in La Calicata?

Although the blog has information on wine regions, the articles published in it are texts that tell experiences in an intimate and subjective way. The guides are practical and contain the information necessary for the traveler to carry out the experience for himself. Combining both proposals is an excellent option to make the most of the wine tourism trip.

In what formats are the guides available?

Guides are available only in ebook (PDF or Kindle) format.

In what languages are the guides available?

The guides are available in English and Spanish.

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